Website Updates

I have been diving deeper into the whole indieweb scene and gotten some inspirations from other people’s blogs, and here are some changes.

I also saw Manu’s I’ll read it page and reached out to him about my blog, he suggested a lot of fixes that were very useful.

What’s New

  • A now page showing things I am doing right now.
  • Projects now also support tags with the tech that I used.
  • Added a call-to-email me link under every blog.

What’s Changed

  • Links (with the only exception of the menu) are now underlined for accessibility. Visited links are now in a different color.
  • Blog posts, index, and news are now wrapped to 85 characters, heading and paragraph spaces have also been increased for clarity.
  • Link added to the webring so people can learn about it.
  • Tag spacing in blog posts has also been improved to make them easier to click.

Future Plans

  • I think using something like rust’s Arc(?), allow for runtime webring refresh, this will also lay the groundwork for other dynamic content like a comments section.
  • Server side syntax highlighting for code blocks.
  • And the other future plans from the bottom of my last post about this website.
  • Blog roll.
  • Resume as html, with pdf link contained within

If you have any questions, want to change my mind, or literally anything else, please reach out!