A Rant on Safari

The start of it all

So I was testing my new website css with my iPad since I can easily drag the window size via stage manager. I opened my website in a private tab, and when I was done with it, I pressed CMD-w, but it closed the whole safari window. I thought it had just closed the private tab, so I re-opened safari, and I found that all my other tabs had disappeared.

The Panic

I started panicking, I remembered that if you go into the “Show All Windows” page, it should have a button to recover the last deleted window. Unfortunately, I don’t know why, but it was not there…

I also remembered that if you hold down the plus key, it should show your recently closed tabs. Great, it might be a bit of effort to reopen them all, but I should still be able to recover them all, or so I thought. I held down the “+” button, and it showed me only the list of tabs that I had manually closed

I have come to accept that my 30 or so tabs that I wanted to read later are gone, and I did not want to resort to going back to yesterday’s iCloud backup.

Lessons Learned

I’ll start using tab groups for everything, they seem to persist for a while. I used to use tab groups for everything due to the same reason, but I got lazy and started to not use tab groups… Never again.

If you have any questions, want to change my mind, or literally anything else, please reach out!