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Hey, I’m a student interested in software development, computer networking, managing infrastructure at scale, cybersecurity, and DevOps.

I am a sophomore at Stevens Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a minor in Economics. I’m currently working with Michael Greenberg and the rest of the PaSH Team on a speculative execution engine for the shell.

In my free time, I enjoy playing a variety of video games, watching anime, reading, writing my blog, and exploring the city. You can find what my current focuses are, what I’m reading, watching, and what I have been playing on my now page.


Recent News

  • Sep 2023: I started my second undergraduate year for computer science!

  • Jul 2023: I will be joining Blueprint@Stevens’s executive board as VP of Technology starting fall of 2023.

  • Jun 2023: try(1) makes it to the top of and hackernews, and surpasses 4000 stars on Github.

  • Jun 2023: I was able to go to Brown University to work on try with the rest of the team thanks to Professor Vasilakis!

  • May 2023: I attended NJPLS at UPenn!

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